The use of social media in the library


Libraries around the world use social media for all different reasons. Post are formed to show new books that staff have read and criticized as well as reviews on books. They post up-coming events, alterations to policies and procedures. They use it to promote classes they may be holding, reading groups, kids events.

 La Trobe University Library uses Facebook to post things such as events that are happening in all La Trobe campuses so that all students know. Posting information about assignments and deadlines, social events such as are you ok day and lots of links to surveys that students can do in order to win prizes. RMIT University Library also uses Facebook in the same way with post about textbooks that you can purchase second hand and posts regarding library look book.

The State Library of Victoria uses twitter to post about history, books and activities.

 Social media platforms allows for these organisation to connect with its members and to inform the public of the services available to them. They share significant information about major dates, calendar events and books and services available. They do this to engage the community and to open up the communication lines for those who wish to contact the library and stay connected with the community.

La Trobe University Library uses Facebook

RMIT University Library also uses Facebook

The State Library of Victoria uses twitter



The use of social media in the library

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Hello everybody!!!!

How is everyone doing, i hope that everyone is doing well. I have not posted anything for a long time so just found some time today at uni to log on and cheek in on everyone. I hope that everyone had a nice holiday relaxing. This term is going to be very busy and full on with assignments. I personally myself had a amazing holiday, did some shopping  and i also went to the Melbourne zoo with my family which was very enjoyable and a fun day out.

Copyright implications with regard to uploading material to social media

As social media users sometimes we come across pictures that you find  on google or some videos that you find on you tube that you  like so much that you just had to share on your social media sites. However before posting it you  don’t think whether your actually copying someones work and whether its legal and if your allowed to post it under your name. Posting someone eases work is known as copyright and its not a right thing to do because some people don’t like when you get there picture  from online that they created  and post it in your profile by your name. The safest way to share things such as images is you can see at the bottom or side of the website  if it says that your allowed to share it. For example some people say please like and share so it would be appropriate to do so, however if it says don’t re upload then don’t share it.

This is a useful site i found in regards to  copyright implications for social media

Important social media etiquette issues

When using social media some people forget to use good manners and talk so openly and express their feelings and use bad language, however it has to be kept to a limit especially using bad language because you have to think what if future employers see that you actually talk like that, they will get a bad impression of you and might not employ you. Social media users have to stop and think before they post something and think whether its appropriate to the public, future employers, parents and so on. Social media users have to use there accounts to give a positive image of them self so future employers are impressed and find a interest in the type of person you are, and you always have to be on your best behavior.

In a professional setting using social media you should avoid talking about your boss or future employers or someone you work with. Not ridiculing anyone. Presenting  the best version of yourself online at all times.


A good resource on social media etiquette is the QUT Create a better online you website.


Important privacy issues when using social media

While using any kind of social media, before posting something you have to think to yourself who do you want to share it with and who you want it to be read by. For example  somethings you might not want the whole public to see so therefore you change the privacy setting on your social media sites. Or even if its a post that  you want your close friends to see you can do the same thing.  Personally you can manage who sees your posts by changing the privacy on your social media sites by accepting the terms of only the people who are your friends and that you have accepted on your social media can see your posts. Also once  you have accepted the privacy terms just once every few months just cheek up on them because new updates occur so its better to be updated with the newer privacy  rules on your social media.

When using social media its not safe at all to give your personal details sometimes you have to be mind full  of when talking to a family member or someone really close on what you think to be a private chat but if that particular social media sites gets hacked then all your messages and private information will to that you have shared. So don’t give your bank detailed, tax file number, medicare and passport details online to no body.

You can protect other peoples privacy by not giving there information or posts that they have shared with you to everyone. And just simply keeping it to yourself. Before posting someones picture or work  always ask for there consent and make sure that they are okay with you posting it and if they are not then don’t ever post it to no one. Just be very mindful about what you post about others in general.

Also social media is so you can connect with each other and start new conversations with people and  its not appropriate to use it for things such as cyber bullying because it can have a massive impact on someones life that you don’t wont to be held responsible for.


link to a suitable resource or guide on this issue:  Huffpost


My first time at the Queen Victoria market

On the school holidays my sister and a very close family friend and my self all went to the Victoria market that’s in the city. We all went to water-gardens train station in the morning, we actually went inside the shopping center  to use the ATM then after went to get some coffee to start our day then went and cached the train to the city. It was my first time at the Queen Victoria market so it was really interesting and fun for me. It was really big and because we didn’t have to go to the meat, fruit and vegetable section we just saw the clothing section. Just the clouting section was really big. We all looked around together and bought what we needed and there were a lot of cheep things also lots of winter items. I really recommend going there if you haven’t. After we finished shopping we went to Melbourne central to have lunch we all had nandos, looked around a bit then cached the train home. We all had a very nice and enjoyable day we had lots of IMG_1657-1024x683fun.   Queen-Victoria-Market-Melbourne